Apple allows alternative payment systems in the App Store in

Apple allows alternative payment systems in the App Store in South Korea

After a law came into force in South Korea that prohibits app store operators from requiring developers to only use a payment system integrated into the marketplace, Apple decided to change the app store rules in the country. Now developers of software for iOS can use different payment systems in their products.

Source: Apple

Source: Apple

At the same time, Apple hasn’t given up on plans to monetize the developments of others: the company continues to intend to collect a commission when using alternative payment systems, albeit lower than the traditional one. This is evidenced by documents submitted to the Korea Communications Commission (KCC). So far, Apple has not announced when the changes will take effect or what the fee mechanism will look like when using alternative payment methods.

“We look forward to working with KCC and the developer community to help our Korean users. Apple has great respect for Korean law and has a long history of working with talented developers in the country. We strive to make the App Store a secure and trustworthy platform for our entire user audience. “, – said Apple representatives.

Last November, Google also announced its intention to roll out alternative payment systems in South Korea, announcing that in such cases, the company’s commission would be reduced from 15% on payments made through Google Pay to 11% on transactions made through third-party websites.

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