Apple AirTag trackers give false positives

Apple AirTag trackers give false positives

Corresponding Wall Street Journal (WSJ), in the last few weeks cases of false alerts from Apple AirTag trackers have become more frequent. The outage is said to be related to the devices’ protective function, which prevents them from being misused by stalkers or scammers.

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The system of protection against tags nearby notifies owners of iPhones and Android smartphones (in the latter case you need to install a special application and scan it manually) about its presence if it is tagged for too long. According to the WSJ, however, iPhone users have been receiving signals about the discovered “orphaned” AirTag mainly at night for the past few weeks. Also, their location is clearly displayed incorrectly – multiple straight lines on the map originating from the user’s location.

resource The edge added that sometimes there are errors of a different nature: the security system notifies the detection of a tracker belonging to the owner of the phone, but marks the device as unknown. The problem has also been confirmed in the community Reddit. A similar bug has sometimes been spotted even with AirPods, although Apple seems to have something to do with it coped with with the latest update.

The WSJ footage cites a case where the security system was triggered by the presence of a tag, but in reality was never forced to play a signal to detect it, nor was it accessible in the FindMy system.

Apple recently released an AirTag firmware update that increases the trackers’ volume.


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