Apex Legends developers are considering slowing down the release of

Apex Legends developers are considering slowing down the release of new legends

Devan McGuire, senior character designer at Respawn Entertainment, in an interview with the portal Dexerto spoke about the dangers of the flooded shareware multiplayer shooter Apex Legends with new characters.

    Image source: Electronic Arts

Image source: Electronic Arts

Keep in mind that for the last three years, starting with the next season, a new legend will appear in Apex Legends approximately every three months. McGuire acknowledges that sooner or later this scheme may need to be changed.

According to McGuire, making new Legends unique and balanced is becoming increasingly difficult, and there may come a point at some point where introducing an additional hero each season hurts the game.

Whether the schedule for the release of new legends will change has not yet been decided – discussions are ongoing in Respawn Entertainment – but it is known for sure: the creators will definitely not be adding two heroes at once.

    Apex Legends Season 13 Legend – Newcastle

Apex Legends Season 13 Legend – Newcastle

Each new Apex Legends character should fit organically into the world of the royal battle, be useful (but not too much), quite original and recognizable at first glance – even by the silhouette.

Pending a final decision, the schedule remains unchanged, meaning that Apex Legends Season 14, which is already being prepared within the walls of Respawn Entertainment, will also bring with it another legend.

Apex Legends is currently preparing for the launch of The Saviors (Season 13). The new content will be released on May 10 this year on PC (Steam, Origin), PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, and Nintendo Switch.

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