Anvil Empires announced MMO action game with battles for thousands

Anvil Empires announced, MMO action game with battles for “thousands” of players

Developers at independent studio Siege Camp have announced Anvil Empires, a multiplayer game set in a medieval setting in which players must join forces to take part in large-scale battles in an open world.

    Image Source: Siege Camp

Image Source: Siege Camp

The main feature of Anvil Empires is its incredible scope. Description of the game steam talk about “thousands of players”who needs “Work together, build empires, wage wars and expand borders”.

The scope of the project is also evidenced by the specified duration of one batch – up to several weeks. The Siege Camp developers’ own server technology allows you to organize a carnage on a map, in which up to 1000 players will take part “Fight shoulder to shoulder in real time”.

“Design and build complex, multi-story fortresses and fortifications to withstand prolonged sieges. Set up supply depots and logistic lines to feed, arm and rest player armies. Battles are not only won by force of arms, but also require a strong economy and supply chain.”— the developers themselves describe the gameplay of Anvil Empires.

In the world of Anvil Empires, players don’t just have to take part in battles. Between battles, they are allowed to engage in farming, hunting, herding, and other activities to keep the “war machine” running. Trading with neighboring settlements occupied by other players is also welcome.

Anvil Empires doesn’t have a release date yet, but Siege Camp plans to do alpha testing of the game next month. The necessary information about the test can be found in the official Discord Channel Developer.

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