Antitrust authorities in the EU France and China are collecting

Antitrust authorities in the EU, France and China are collecting information about NVIDIA’s activities

American graphics processor developer NVIDIA said it has received requests for information from regulators in the European Union, China and France related to its graphics accelerators, writes Reuters.

    Image source: NVIDIA

Image source: NVIDIA

NVIDIA is the world’s largest supplier of chips used for both artificial intelligence and computer graphics applications. The company controls about 80% of the market thanks to its high-tech chips and software. NVIDIA believes the company may have received global regulatory attention due to the surge in demand for its products following the launch of the hugely popular generative artificial intelligence app ChatGPT earlier this year. The technologies used to operate ChatGPT and similar products require significant specialized computing power, which NVIDIA actually makes available to its customers.

“For example, the French competition authority has collected information from us about our business and competition in the graphics card and cloud service provider market as part of an ongoing investigation into competition in these markets.”“said NVIDIA in a Nov. 21 regulatory document.

As previously reported, the French regulator conducted searches at NVIDIA’s local offices in September.

“We have also received requests for information from regulators in the European Union and China regarding our GPU sales and supply distribution efforts.”the company said in a statement.

NVIDIA also noted that the company expects to receive additional requests for similar information from these and possibly other regulators in the future. It was previously reported that the European Commission denied conducting an antitrust investigation against NVIDIA.

According to Reuters, NVIDIA also announced that it is delaying the release of a new AI chip for China.

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