Another unopened first generation iPhone is up for auction

Another unopened first generation iPhone is up for auction – they want $50,000 for it

At one of the online auctions, at another Unopened iPhone, and his mistress can get him almost two orders of magnitude more than he cost in 2007. Karen Green said she got the phone the year it was released, but she never opened it. And after the successful results of a similar auction last October, she was offered to sell it.

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Last October, the original, unopened iPhone sold for $39,340, which is far more than the original price of $599. The auction house that put up the new lot says it could fetch “at least $50,000.” Ms. Green said she got the iPhone in 2007, but she was a Verizon customer and the first iPhone in the US only supported AT&T networks. Then she didn’t sell it, but put it on the shelf, “Wrap him in wool pajamas to protect him”.

She auctioned it off to help her tattoo parlor financially: “If I could hold the phone for another 10 years, I probably would have. The only reason I’m selling this phone is because I have to support this business.”. Lot exhibited the house of LCG auctions. The starting price is 2,500 US dollars, they want to raise at least 50,000 US dollars – there is still enough time until February 19, when the auction ends.


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