Another fantastic release Fan remaster of The Elder Scrolls III

“Another fantastic release”: Fan remaster of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind received new content and graphics improvements

Unofficial remaster of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind called Morrowind Rebirth received a major patch 6.5 with new content and numerous improvements.

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Most important innovations:

  • significant improvements to the town of Vivec – new sanctuaries, benches, trellises, flower beds and merchants were created;
  • completely redesigned Ruins of Dagoth Ur: The area available for exploration has been expanded and enriched many times over “countless” new parts;

    Vivek received numerous exterior enhancements

Vivek received numerous exterior enhancements

  • new weapons, equipment, artifacts, rings, ingredients, potions and other items;
  • Graphical improvements: updated icons and other interface elements, as well as weapon models (including Daedric models);
  • new small quests scattered across the map that do not appear in the diary (e.g. finding a note pointing to a point of interest with a reward);
  • lots of little things that bring the game world to life (like new characters with unique dialogues and walkers fighting creatures);
  • new non-player classes: three blacksmiths – Armorsmith, Weaponsmith and Repairsmith – and an Innkeeper;
  • the interiors of many rooms in the city of Ald’ruhn and the village of Maar Gan have been redesigned;
  • six new variants of bloody effects;
    New Equipment - New Chuzei Helmet (Native Chuzei Dust Helmet) and Guarskin Mask

New Equipment – ​​Native Chuzei Dust Helmet and Guarskin Mask

  • Dwemer weapons are no longer found in crates – they are more difficult to find outside of Dwemer ruins;
  • reduced health of training dummies and targets;
  • Dancer Marelle received a unique face and another greeting opportunity;
  • Dozens of bugs have been fixed, including those related to level geometry, terrain, texture and model display, NPC behavior, and spell properties.

The update can be downloaded from the project page of the website ModDB. The patch was mentioned in the comments on the release “Another fantastic release” And “Great as always”.

Modder trancemaster_1988 has been improving Morrowind Rebirth for 12 years – that’s how much time has passed since the first version was released. The author not only improved the graphics, but also revised the world map, added new content (objects, creatures, characters, weapons, equipment, spells), improved the AI ​​and balance, and also fixed many bugs. To install the mod you need the latest version of the main game with the Bloodmoon and Tribunal expansions.

Other enthusiasts continue to work on Tamriel Rebuilt, a massive modification that recreates the province as it was originally conceived by Bethesda Game Studios. The development of the project takes more than 20 years.

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