Another enthusiast equipped the iPhone X with a USB Type C

Another enthusiast equipped the iPhone X with a USB Type-C port and was even able to keep the moisture protection

Last October, robotics student Ken Pillonel replaced the Lightning connector on his iPhone X with a working USB Type-C. He sold his creation on eBay for $86,000. Pillonel’s example was followed by an enthusiast named Gernot Jöbstl, who not only replicated his invention but also made a number of improvements to the design.

Image source: Gernot Jobstl

Image source: Gernot Jobstl

Jobstl posted a video where he talks about modifying his iPhone. He said he was inspired by Pillonel’s success and noted that his GitHub page helped make this project a reality. However, Jobstl made a number of important changes to the design. First, it protected the smartphone from moisture. Second, the enthusiast reinforced the USB Type-C connector by creating a special 20% carbon fiber part that securely fixes the connector inside the smartphone case.

Jobstl notes that after soldering the connector, he used glue to insulate the pins, which he thinks doesn’t look very nice. Of course, the inside of the smartphone is not visible, but some glue is visible from the outside. It doesn’t look pretty, but this solution helps to keep the smartphone moisture-proof.

The enthusiast said that he would like to implement more such projects. Therefore, he will list his creation on eBay on January 19th and invest the proceeds from the sale in new ventures. Jobstl did not name an expected price.

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