Announced dark action role playing game Mandragora with intense combat under

Announced dark action role-playing game Mandragora with intense combat under the cover of night

Developer Prime Gate and publisher Marvelous have introduced Mandragora, an action RPG platformer set in a universe filled with vivid color after tragic events. A trailer showing actual gameplay was also released to coincide with the announcement.

Image Source: Steam

Image Source: Steam

“Humanity has fallen victim to the onslaught of monsters. Now the people have to hide behind brick walls and diversion fences built by the leaders. Joy and amusement have become unaffordable luxuries for most survivors. This isn’t the future they dreamed of… Go on a night walk and free your world!” – says the official description of the project on the site in steam.

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Already announced for Mandragora:

  • an interactive world in 2.5 dimensional format with dark forests, swampy swamps and hot deserts;
  • Meet with “terrible monsters and vicious creatures”;
  • difficult ethical dilemmas;
  • Development system with many classes and unique abilities;
  • the dark reality of the game world, where you can get through the gap of matter;
  • a system for creating unique weapons, armor and various gadgets;
  • atmospheric soundtrack by composer Christos Antoniou.

There is no release date for Mandragora. The project will be released on PC, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X and S.


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