Android pre scans all installed apps for threats

Android pre-scans all installed apps for threats

To protect users from potentially dangerous and clearly malicious Android mobile apps, Google developed a mechanism for their preliminary verification directly at the installation stage. And it is not yet clear whether it will be possible to disable this check.

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The Google Play Protect malware detection system, part of the Play Store app store, has always had the ability to scan third-party installed applications for threats. Until now, such a scan was only carried out in the background. Now this process is done with a full-screen interface and deep code scanning. Google Play Protect does not offer such a scan every time you install an application from a third-party source, but only in cases where the system was not previously familiar with it. Based on the scan results, it tells the user how it judges the application: whether it is harmless or contains a potential threat.

Google even released screenshots of the scanning engine’s interface, and if the images are to be believed, the user only has two options: “Scan app” or “Don’t install app.” However, there is also a “More Details” item under which the “Skip” option may be hidden. The feature to scan apps from third-party sources is rolling out in India, the country that led the spread of mobile malware in 2018, Google reports.

Previously, it became known that the security verification mechanism on Xiaomi smartphones blocks the installation of applications in China that were blocked by local authorities – in particular, it will not be possible to install Telegram.


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