Android may have built in Bluetooth tracker detector

Android may have built-in Bluetooth tracker detector

After the resource 9to5Googlethe Android development team has started to integrate the tracker detection function into the operating system. This protects users of the platform from attackers using devices like Tile and Apple AirTag for illegal purposes.

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Apple AirTag trackers debuted a little less than a year ago, and since then the manufacturer has repeatedly improved its capabilities, expanding functionality for conscientious users and introducing measures to protect against intruders. In particular, the devices “learned” to emit sound signals when away from the owner for more than 24 hours, and the iPhone gained the ability to detect unwanted trackers. An Android detection application was also released in December, allowing you to search for such tags.

The problem is that the existing methods of detecting wireless tags in Android are very limited: users must be aware of their potential threat, and the phone must have an appropriate application. The scan takes about 10 minutes. Therefore, Android developers have started to integrate this feature at operating system level. Lines were found in the code of the APK file of Google Play services of the new version, which may indicate working with Tile and Atag trackers (probably means AirTag).

The development of the detection system has just started and it should take some time before the release. It is possible that the first results will be reported at the Google I/O event in May.



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