Android 14 will be delayed by a month the

Android 14 will be delayed by a month – the final version was expected to be released today, but has been pushed back to October 4th

The Android developer community and smartphone manufacturers today expected the release of the final version of the updated, most popular mobile operating system, but instead received a number of new features for previous versions and a redesign of the logo. Android 14 release may have to wait another month.

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The source code for Android 14 should be released on September 6th. informed Social network user X Mishaal Rahman – This event was expected by both consumers and smartphone manufacturers. However, at the last moment, the release of the final version of the operating system for Pixel devices and the AOSP assembly was postponed to October 4, that is, developers needed another month. The date was chosen for a reason – on the same day, the official announcement of the Pixel 8 series smartphones, the Pixel Watch 2 smartwatches and other devices that Google stocks is expected.

Google has informed OEMs that detailed descriptions of the vulnerabilities will be published in the Android 14 release notes on October 4th, indicating that the stable version of the platform will also be released on the same day. For the first time, both the AOSP build and the Pixel version will be released on the same day. For example, in 2021, the AOSP build was released on October 12th and the Pixel update to Android 12 had to wait another week – until October 19th.

Should the final version of Android 14 actually come out a month later than expected, OEMs will have to delay the release of updates for their devices – OnePlus, for example, has promised to release OxygenOS 14 on September 25, but the company probably won’t deliver on that promise able to fulfill. According to one version, Google Tensor processors were the indirect culprits for the delays – security updates have been regularly delayed since the release of the Pixel 6, and the problem hasn’t been fully resolved even after the Pixel 7 was released: for example, the The March update had to wait until the middle of the month. However, there is still no official announcement from Google and Android 14 could arrive before October 4th.


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