Android 14 DP2 released with protection against fraudulent screenshots and

Android 14 DP2 released with protection against fraudulent screenshots and restriction of application access to the gallery

Google has released another preliminary version of Android 14 Developer Preview 2. The platform received a mechanism for monitoring screenshots, restricting applications from accessing the gallery, productivity tools and a number of other innovations.

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The screenshot monitoring mechanism helps developers counteract the efforts of hackers who use screenshots to steal important information from phones: secret chats and banking application data. The mechanism will not provide complete protection against such attacks, but will make the task of cyber criminals much more difficult.

Android 14 users can also restrict apps’ access to individual photos in the gallery, so you don’t have to worry about social media clients accidentally posting family photos they want to keep private. Additionally, there are tools for managing access keys instead of passwords that are outdated today.

The new mobile operating system has optimized performance by limiting the resources that applications can use in the background. The number of notifications not disabled has also been reduced. Android 14 has expanded support for foldable phones and tablets, as well as localization mechanisms for apps.

Android 14 Developer Preview 2 is an early version of the system. The first public beta should appear in April at the earliest, the first release candidate should not appear until June. You can install the platform on a smartphone version of Pixel 4a and above, or on a PC emulator. A full story on Android 14’s capabilities will have to wait until the start of the Google I/O conference, which opens on May 10th.

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