Android 13 warns you about apps draining your battery

Android 13 warns you about apps draining your battery

The battery charge can hardly be “too much”, so the next measure that is being prepared for the new Android 13 OS will probably appeal to users. The operating system notifies you when an application running in the background is using too much power.

Image source: StockSnap/

Image source: StockSnap/

Users will receive a system notification if the application consumes too much power within 24 hours. The notification applies to all applications with some exceptions.

Android tried to implement battery usage notifications a few years ago, but the feature turned out to be too intrusive and had to be abandoned. Now notifications will be more “moderate” – once they appear, they won’t appear again for at least 24 hours.

If the system detects that the increased power consumption is associated with an application that is displaying information to the user in the Foreground service mode, it waits for the end of the demonstration or the completion of the corresponding process and only displays a notification if the application does so continues does consume a lot of electricity after that.

There is also a notification for apps running in the background for a long time (at least 20 hours in 24-hour interval).

The exception is a number of types of applications, including system-related and work-related so-called applications. Gadget “companions” (e.g., an additional keyboard). Programs running in demo mode, software whose work is made available permanently, VPN services are also well as other software that is assigned unlimited functionality in the system settings.


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