And it took you four years to do that Bethesda

“And it took you four years to do that?”: Bethesda will finally remove “illegal” weapon mods from Fallout 76

Developers from Bethesda Game Studios will solve one of the oldest problems in Fallout 76 – they will remove “illegal” weapon modifications. The update has already been released on the test server and is being prepared for release to a wide audience.

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Cheat modifications give weapons legendary properties that are not intended for this type: for example, they give an explosive effect to laser weapons, a flamethrower (Flamer) or a harpoon gun (Harpoon Gun). Such weapons allow you to deal with bosses in a matter of seconds, and if such mods do not bother anyone in single-player games like Fallout 4 or The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, then they harm in Fallout 76, which has a pronounced online component of balancing and spoiling events for other users, which also leads to network problems.

“Although we’re playing in a post-apocalyptic world, we want that world to remain fair, fun, and friendly to everyonewrote Creator on the Blog. — While you researched and built, we prepared a new system that will strip the game of weapon combos and mods that violate the User Agreement. This way we can ensure that all players use, sell and buy the same items and have the same benefits. Most won’t notice any changes, but owners of weapons with mods that the game rules can’t attach will find that the mods are gone and the damage is reduced.”

change active to discuss on Reddit – biggest topic has over 1900 comments and over 850 votes. Most rated the solution positively: users are happy that the authors finally paid attention to this problem (although do not understandwhy it took four years), hope the innovation “heal” game and challenge the developers to completely rethink weapon balance.

“This issue should have been fixed two weeks after it was discovered, but it took four years.”wrote Boltty, whose comment received over 760 votes.

Jasonclark2 in his Comments (over 450 votes) noted that some abused the opportunity and spoiled the game experience for other players. “Out of 12 people in Scorched Earth, at least 10 are just having fun and the Scorchbeast Queen dies in a minute, he complained. — It’s not much fun when someone just melts everything around them. It’s a shame Bethesda waited so long.”

“Is Bethesda ready to tackle one of the oldest, most annoying, and most controversial issues?”surprised Alex_Duos (over 350 votes).

    An example of a

An example of a “hacked” weapon purchased by a user Reddit in 2021

At the same time, some lament the lost benefits and raise concerns about the impact of the new system on the virtual economy. In a less popular developer theme accuse in it she “Putting a Nail in the Fallout 76 Coffin”, as the innovation will reportedly lead to an outflow of players used to dishonest mods. However, the majority of users would like to see Fallout 76 without fans of “hacks”.

Fallout 76 was released on November 14th, 2018 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game is now also available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and S in backwards compatibility mode.

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