Ancient Slavic Mythology and Great Moravia The action role playing game

Ancient Slavic Mythology and Great Moravia: The action role-playing game Vranygrai about a priest thirsting for revenge has been announced

Developers at independent Czech studio Dire Badger have introduced Vranygrai, an action-adventure role-playing game set in the medieval Slavic state of Great Moravia.

    Image Source: Steam

Image Source: Steam

The authors of Vranygrai were inspired by traditional beliefs, fairy tales and stories, “passed down from generation to generation”. The protagonist of the game is Volkhv, a former Slavic priest who lost his sister to the invasion of the enemy people (Avars).

“He feels he has failed not only as a priest but as a brother and protector. This is the story of a broken man who must battle his inner demons, as well as several mythological creatures and the remains of the once great Avar Khaganate.– The developers describe the main character.

The developers promise to implement a dynamic world in the action role-playing game Vranygrai in which characters, animals and mythical creatures behave differently during the day than at night. The design of all buildings in the game world – from simple huts to huge fortresses – is based on data from archaeological finds and research.

The key features of Vraygrai announced by Dire Badger:

  • a linear main story full of dialogue, twists and intrigue;
  • many secondary storylines with choices;
  • a rich arsenal of historical weapons and armor for close and long-range combat;
  • a mythology-based skill system (unique spells of a Slavic priest);
  • relatively small but from this more saturated and dense “semi-open” world available for research.

Dire Badger’s debut project has its own side On Steam, you can rate the project using Dynamics announcement trailer. The game is currently announced for PC only, with a release date to be announced later.

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