Ancient mysteries and an encounter with cosmic horror the atmospheric

Ancient mysteries and an encounter with cosmic horror: the atmospheric 2D Metroidvania Ghost Song has found a publisher and will be released on PC in 2022

Developer of Old Moon Studio announced to sign an agreement with Humble Games to publish the 2D Metroidvania Ghost Song. The release will be on PC (steam) this year.

Image source: Old Moon

Image source: Old Moon

The creators have also released a new gameplay trailer.

Ghost Song is described as “Atmospheric 2D Metroidvania Adventure”, inspired by Super Metroid and Dark Souls. As an amnesiac Deadsuit, players descend beneath the surface of Lorian V’s desert moon “Find yourself, uncover ancient mysteries and face cosmic horror”.

The hero must explore twisting caves lit only by glowing plants, abandoned laboratories, and secret chambers, and fight strange creatures, including “Mushroom Aliens and Metal Shells”, upgrade your blaster and suit, unlock new abilities, search for secrets and piece by piece recreate the sinister history of this world. Also, the hero meets friendly characters and listens to their stories “Survival, Courage, Solitude and Vengeance”.

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White originally worked on Ghost Song alone and wanted to release it as a small Flash game, but later decided to expand the project. Programmer and audio designer Roger Hicks joined the development.

White raised funds to create Ghost Song on kickstarters back in 2013. Then users donated more than $54,000 – more than three times more than the author requested. The game was planned to be released in 2014, but the release had to be postponed. In 2015 it was announced that Adult Swim Games would be the publisher, but the release was postponed again. In 2018, the team decided to complete start anew Development by switching the engine to Unity.

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The transition to the new engine allowed the developer to use skeletal animations, make the environment much more vivid and detailed, and improve performance. In addition, the new toolkit has made working on the game much easier. Many gameplay features have also changed: White has abandoned infinite ammo and the traditional experience point system, added melee combat, free aim and fall damage, and also made the game map more open.

Developers can port Ghost Song to other platforms in the future. The game will only be available in English.


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