Analysts predicted that smartphones with self healing displays will hit the

Analysts predicted that smartphones with self-healing displays will hit the market in five years

By 2028, smartphones with displays that can repair themselves could hit the market, CCS Insight analysts say in their review of key technology predictions for 2024. This is reported by CNBC.

The new technology is implemented through a “nano-coating” on the display surface, which, when scratched, releases a substance that, when interacting with air, fills the defect area. Manufacturers have been talking about such technologies for several years. Back in 2013, LG launched the G Flex smartphone with a curved screen and a “self-healing” coating on the back – at the time, the company did not provide any information about how its solution works. In 2017, Motorola filed a patent application describing a “shape memory polymer” screen that heals itself when cracked, a process that occurs when exposed to heat. Apple also has a patent for a foldable iPhone whose display repairs itself if damaged.

However, all of these technologies are not yet included in commercially successful models – this requires investments in both research and development and marketing to sell such models in large quantities. It is also necessary to properly inform consumers of the amount of damage that can be eliminated without third-party intervention. It is emphasized that these are not major cracks, but rather minor cosmetic defects.

CCS Insight analysts have made a number of other, no less interesting forecasts. Therefore, in their opinion, HTC will exit the virtual reality headset market in 2026. They see the reason for this in the growing competition from Meta, Sony and now Apple. The Taiwanese manufacturer, once a pioneer in the world of smartphones and then in the segment of virtual reality headsets, could exit the market and sell related intellectual property. With the release of Apple Vision Pro, things could even go well for HTC at first, but the company is in a different price range from which it is being pushed out by Sony and Meta with their aggressive pricing policy and the sale of headsets at the edge of cost price.

Another prediction is that Apple will try to take control of the used smartphone market by encouraging customers to sell devices directly to the company instead of turning to third-party marketplaces. Apple will strengthen its position in the refurbished device market by improving quality and helping reduce e-waste. CCS Insight estimates that the iPhone already accounts for about 80% of the organized secondary smartphone market.

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