Analysts have predicted OLED TV prices to drop this year

Analysts have predicted OLED TV prices to drop this year and next

According to the recently released ResearchAccording to analysts from Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC), the cost of producing OLED panels will continue to fall this year and will continue to do so next year.

    Image source: LG

Image source: LG

Thanks to efficiencies and higher yields at key manufacturing facilities, premium TV prices could fall over the course of several months (perhaps around the Lunar New Year holiday), they say Flat Panels HD. The DSCC report shows that the cost of manufacturing a 55-inch OLED panel is expected to decrease by around 20% compared to 2022 data, and the same percentage reduction is expected in 2024. LG’s white OLED display panel is cited as an example – it will be used in many TV models in 2023, including LG’s own C3 and G3 models, as well as devices from competing brands: Sony, Panasonic, Philips, Hisense and others.

    Image source: DSCC

Image source: DSCC

Analysts believe that Samsung’s own QD OLED TV technology will also be 30% cheaper to manufacture. Samsung Display’s South Korean factories are now able to produce 65-inch QD OLED panels more efficiently this year, with a yield of 68% to 84% compared to 2022 results.

Samsung’s quantum dot panels are usually reserved for flagship TVs, but lower manufacturing costs could mean high-end display tech sees mid-range TVs.


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