Analysts expect Apple to sell just 200000 Vision Pro VR

Analysts expect Apple to sell just 200,000 Vision Pro VR headsets in 2024

TrendForce analysts predict that 200,000 Apple Vision Pro mixed reality headsets will ship in 2024. The novelty, with its elegant design and high performance, can attract potential buyers and could ultimately revolutionize the augmented and virtual reality market. However, the complexity of the production and the limited production capacity for the release create difficulties that force Apple to plan the release in the first quarter of next year and not, for example, in the fourth quarter of this year.

    Image source: Apple

Image source: Apple

For the most analytics, react to the box in the first step on the Apple side пные модели гарнитуры Vision, направленные на более массового потребителя, а также от возможности and способности компани and expect to see some of the most practical functions, which are necessary for the system росту рынка AR in general.

TrendForce believes that despite the advanced hardware and innovative design of the Apple Vision Pro, the cost of the headset, which is $3499, as well as being equipped with an external power supply that barely offers two hours of battery life, doesn’t help it adapt new article in the consumer market. In addition, Apple Vision Pro currently has a distinct lack of applications for ordinary users, making it more attractive to developers and enterprise users who can take advantage of its revolutionary features and functionality to create various software. From this point of view, the high cost of the headset is justified, say analysts.

Apple has the ability to tweak device specs based on which features of the Vision Pro are used the most. This not only allows the company to increase the autonomy of the device, but also opens up the possibility for it to develop and release cheaper versions of Apple Vision that can be aimed at a more mainstream consumer. According to TrendForce, Apple’s current WWDC 2023 event is primarily focused on demonstrating the concept of spatial computing, setting the stage and stimulating consumer interest in more practical AR solutions to be presented at next year’s WWDC 2024 event to be shown. These solutions are integrated into the overall ecosystem of Apple products and are designed for everyday use.

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