Analysts believe Chinese manufacturers will be able to advance in

Analysts believe Chinese manufacturers will be able to advance in lithography even under sanctions

Representatives of the Futurum Group in an interview CNBC urged the western public not to neglect the ability of Chinese manufacturers to advance in the field of lithography, even in the face of sanctions restrictions. In their opinion, Chinese manufacturers will still be able to produce advanced components, even if they will not have to settle for the most advanced technologies.

    Image source: SMIC

Image source: SMIC

Back in the May issue The Wall Street Journal reported that Chinese giants like Huawei and Alibaba are exploring the possibility of developing advanced artificial intelligence systems based on components made with less advanced lithography technologies. It’s not as simple as experts say, but individual experiments show encouraging results. Ultimately, as analysts at New American Security point out, Chinese manufacturers will be able to make technological advances sooner than they expect.

NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang said last week that the presence of many young companies in China developing GPUs makes him reflect on the ability of the local artificial intelligence industry to thrive with government funding.

In addition, by around 2021, Chinese manufacturers have achieved acceptable competitiveness in the production of chips based on the 28nm and 14nm technologies, which are considered to be more mature but have strong demand in the same automotive segment. According to International Business Strategies, demand for 28nm chips will more than triple to $28.1 billion by 2030. The market for chips of this class will be large enough to ensure that Chinese companies can survive without access to more advanced lithography.

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