An insider revealed the scale of Capcoms plans for Resident

An insider revealed the scale of Capcom’s plans for Resident Evil – there are five games in development, including Resident Evil 9

Over the past six years, Capcom has released five full-fledged Resident Evil games and, according to trusted insider Dusk Golem (aka AestheticGamer), has no intention of slowing down in the coming years.

  Image source: Capcom

Image source: Capcom

How noticed users of the Reddit forum, the other day Dusk Golem shared with the community on Discord supposedly insider information about Capcom’s plans for the development of the Resident Evil franchise.

According to AestheticGamer, Capcom currently has five new Resident Evil games in development, including the next release, the unannounced Resident Evil 9.

Dusk Golem talked about Capcom preparing Resident Evil 9 last summer: according to the informant, the game could be presented during 2024 and released as early as 2025.

It is not known for certain what other games in the series, besides Resident Evil 9, Capcom is developing, but fans call a remake of Resident Evil 5 virtually inevitable and hope for an update to Resident Evil Code: Veronica.

The ending of the reimagining of Resident Evil 4 clearly hinted at a sequel. In December, Capcom confirmed that it had already taken on the next Resident Evil remake, but did not share details.

Additionally, in a massive Capcom file leak from 2020 (in addition to the Resident Evil 4 remake) lit up three still unreleased Resident Evil: Outrage (Revelations 3), Apocalypse and a spin-off about the operative Hunk.

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