An insider clarified the connection between the horror film Overdose

An insider clarified the connection between the horror film Overdose and Kojima’s new Xbox game

Verified insider Tom Henderson (Tom Henderson) in the material for the portal Try hard guides revealed a connection between Kojima Productions’ unannounced horror game Overdose and its Xbox cloud game.

    Image Source: Know Your Meme

Image Source: Know Your Meme

Recall that in his last footage, Henderson said that Overdose will feature a first and third person view and the protagonist will be the character of Margaret Qualley, who plays the role of the mother in Death Stranding.

According to Henderson, in the clip he was shown, the user was playing Overdose on a mobile device (probably a Google Pixel smartphone). According to an inside source, the footage was captured earlier this year.

    Image source: Konami

Image source: Konami

In February 2021, the Video Games Chronicle portal reported that in 2020, the Google Stadia cloud services team allegedly refused to release an innovative horror series by game designer Hideo Kojima.

Google subsequently denied this information, but in May 2020, Kojima said he was upset by the cancellation of a certain major game his studio had been working on until recently.

    Image source: Xbox

Image source: Xbox

In a call for partnership with Xbox, Kojima said he is developing the game together with the American platform owner. “What I always wanted to do”. The project is based on Microsoft cloud technologies.

Henderson concludes that Overdose is almost certainly the cloud horror Kojima couldn’t close with Google and is now trying to do with Microsoft. Kojima Productions did not respond to a request for comment.

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