An enthusiast has created a unique PlayStation 5 Slim

An enthusiast has created a unique PlayStation 5 Slim – only 20mm thick and with a liquid cooling system

The PlayStation 5 is one of Sony’s largest consoles – its dimensions are 390 × 260 × 104 mm (92 mm for the digital version). Typically, a manufacturer releases a slim version of new home consoles about three to four years after the release of the original model. Enthusiast Matt from the DIY Perks YouTube channel decided to create own unique slim version of PS5. He also equipped it with a liquid cooling system.

    Image Source: YouTube / DIY Perks

Image Source: YouTube / DIY Perks

Matt’s mission is to reduce the console’s thickness to 20mm, which is 78% thinner than the original. For comparison: A DVD case is 15 mm thick. The enthusiast has abandoned the console’s standard chassis, leaving only his motherboard from the console. Even the power supply plug had to be dismantled, as its height turned out to be too large. Instead, I had to use an external power supply.

For his project, Matt created a custom copper waterblock that completely covers the motherboard and cools the batteries, GDDR6 memory chips and integrated SSD chips, including with the help of heat pipes. A water block was also crafted from copper to cool the set-top box’s processor and console chassis.

It should be noted that the change turned out to be very costly. The amount of copper used here will cost more than the PlayStation 5 itself. But the end result turned out to be very interesting. The project took several months to complete.

The original PlayStation 5 power supply supplies 31 A at 12 V. It was not possible to use it in the project. Firstly, he turned out to be fat, and secondly, he has a very unusual shape. Fortunately, an alternative was quickly found. An HP DP5-750RB 750W power supply was used as a replacement. It delivers up to 62.5A of current at 12V, which is more than enough to power the set-top box and custom cooling circuit.

For the power supply, as well as for the cooler and other elements of the LSS, the enthusiast created a separate aluminum case. A compact Alphacool 7×40 radiator was used as part of the LSS circuit. Seven Noctua NF-A4x20 20 mm fans are responsible for cooling. Also, the enthusiast used very durable rubber tubing from the LSS circuit, which he encased in copper insulation.

The first attempt to create a PlayStation 5 Slim was unsuccessful. At the same time, due to a stupid mistake already at the final stage of assembly. Matt assembled the prefix and after checking wanted to hang the block with the radiator and LSS system on the wall, but placed the latter precariously on the floor beforehand. This blocked the cooling fans. As a result, the console overheated and suddenly died. Attempts to revive the motherboard did not lead to anything. The new motherboard was donated by a video sponsor who makes custom side panels for the PlayStation 5 with better ventilation.

By assembling the console and adding temperature monitoring elements to the motherboard, the enthusiast got a very thin custom PlayStation 5 that featured a liquid cooling system. Then came the exams.

As expected, the huge copper water block combined with the FLC significantly reduced the temperature of the PlayStation 5’s main components. For example, the temperature of the AMD APU dropped from 75-80 degrees Celsius to 46-65 degrees Celsius, the chip memory temperature dropped from batteries – from 71 to 44 degrees. A really outstanding result.

Sony will definitely release the official PlayStation 5 Slim at some point. It’s unlikely to come with a liquid cooling system though, and of course it’s not as thin as Matt has revealed. But the upside is that the official PlayStation 5 Slim will very likely be cheaper than the original PlayStation 5. At least that was the case with previous generations of Sony consoles.

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