An enthusiast created quests for TES V Skyrim using ChatGPT

An enthusiast created quests for TES V: Skyrim using ChatGPT – the result exceeded his expectations

Fans of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim continue to find unusual ways to extend the life of the game, which celebrates its 12th anniversary this year, while also fueling anticipation for the release of the sixth installment. For example, the American YouTube blogger Joov tried Create quests with the ChatGPT chatbot. He demonstrated their passage 48 minute video.

    Skyrim World Randomizer.  Image source:

Skyrim World Randomizer. Image source:

The Enthusiast started out with primitive item gathering and delivery quests, but soon found a way to create more complex tasks. Joov has improved not only through competent queries and keywords but also through modifications Skyrim World Randomizer And Shadows of Skyrim – The first randomly changes door targets and the second adds a Nemesis-style nemesis system from Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor.

The result of the first attempts was a simple task where the chatbot posed as Tolfdir, a resident of Winterhold, and asked the player to stop the shady trade in Skooma – an illegal drink that actually exists in the game (his name was in the request).

    The first quests did not differ in depth

The first quests did not differ in depth

In a more difficult task, ChatGPT sent the hero in search of the cursed Lute of Liars, which is being hunted by evildoers. At the same time, the bot described in detail the abilities of the musical instrument and explained the motivation of the villains. According to the plot, the lute tries to subdue its owner by singing him “the greatest hero of Tamriel” and promising “Golden Mountains”. The player must take her to Lake Ilinalta and drown her without listening to what she tells him. “speaks”.

The second part of the search contained an unusual twist: it turned out that the criminals looking for the tool were collecting “the most absurd and bizarre objects and artifacts”become “Masters of Humor in Tamriel” and proclaim “A New Era of Happiness Where Everyone Will Have Fun”.

After completing the main objective, the chatbot gave several more tasks related to finding artifacts of interest to the same guild – for example, a pen that can rewrite “Laws of Reality”. However, Joov considered such a sequel boring and could not surprise as much as the first quest. He also didn’t figure out what would happen if the lute was saved (the blogger got rid of it).

    The task of finding powerful artifacts turned out to be much more difficult and interesting

The task of finding powerful artifacts turned out to be much more difficult and interesting

Joov admitted he was given the multifaceted task of playing the lute “Some of the funniest moments in Skyrim”. In three days, the video received more than 150,000 views and 8,000 likes. In the comments, users were surprised by the result and referred to the great potential of using AI tools in modding and game development. “I thought it was stupid, but it’s even more fun than human-made content.”wrote clumsy. “Great way to play a wacky character who completes quests that only exist for him.”noticed aurochtamer.

Other enthusiasts have used AI for voice acting in The Elder Scrolls games. In February MrCoby220 Approved an early version of a Skyrim mod with a protagonist voice generated by ElevenLabs AI, and FurbyZones showed the result of auto-voicing using the same tool in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind (youtube). Many players remarked that the voices sounded quite natural in general, with the right intonation and rests.

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