An emoji generator has popped up in Google searches that

An emoji generator has popped up in Google searches that allows you to cross-breed emojis

In the web version of Google Search, it became possible to generate your own emoji combinations – this is where the “Emoji Kitchen” function debuted, with which you can, for example, get an angry pumpkin, a panda in a cowboy hat or a cat wearing dark glasses.

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To work with the tool, simply enter the search term “Emoji Kitchen” in the Google search bar and click on the “Cook together” button in the block above the search results. Next, a selection of several dozen emoticons will open, which will be combined in various combinations, or you can play with the random generator. After completing the experiment, simply click on the result, copy it to the clipboard as an image, and paste it as a sticker into a messenger message or document.

The emoji generator works in mobile browsers and the Google search application, which means access to this feature is available on iPhone and combinations can be freely inserted into iMessage. Previously, Emoji Kitchen was only available to Android users on the proprietary Gboard keyboard. Of course, the web version does not have such a large number of combinations, which is offset by the availability of the tool on a larger number of devices.


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