An avid Starfield fan played through the game 33 times

An avid Starfield fan played through the game 33 times and hit it off from the first playthrough

The space role-playing game Starfield from Bethesda Game Studios fascinated user NikoMueller from the social network X so much that he played it 33 times. And during the 34th passage committed unexpected discovery. More possible spoiler.

    Image source: X (NikoMueller)

Image source: X (NikoMueller)

Unlike many other projects, the New Game + mode not only allows you to go through Starfield again with already gained experience and skills, but also does it in an alternative (and slightly modified) universe.

It is impossible to predict what differences the next version of the galaxy will offer compared to the previous one, and in the 34th cycle, NikoMueller encountered a familiar face at Constellation headquarters – his own character from the first playthrough.

NikoMueller reports that his alternate universe counterpart (unlike the protagonist) is fully voiced, has the same characteristics as the first playthrough, and is available for several interesting interactions.

your twin” Can Ask about his past (he, in turn, will have questions about the player’s history) and even recruit him into the team – the “double” will become a full-fledged companion, but will not receive a unique quest.

It’s worth noting that NikoMueller is not the creator of this New Game+ variant of Starfield. Since launch, players have managed to unlock all alternate universes, including the one where you can meet multiple versions of yourself (see video above).

Starfield was released on September 6th on PC (Steam, Microsoft Store), Xbox Series X and S, and Game Pass. In mid-November, user reviews of the game on Steam changed to “mixed,” but Bethesda disagrees with this.

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