An account switch has occurred in Threads applications publication

An account switch has occurred in Threads applications – publication processing is pending

Meta microblogging platform Threads has added the ability to switch between accounts in mobile applications – on the associated social network Instagram The function has been around for a long time. A button for editing publications may appear in the foreseeable future.

    Image source: Threads

Image source: Threads

The platform administration spoke about the appearance of the account switching function in Threads applications for Android and iOS. It works the same as on Instagram: When you long-press on your profile picture, the user opens a pop-up menu and displays a list of accounts they are logged in to. The feature will be useful for those who maintain not only a personal account, but also a page for their company. There is no word yet on the maximum number of accounts supported at the same time, but Instagram does You cannot connect more than five of them.

    Image source:

Image source:

We can probably expect another new feature in Threads in the near future: post-editing. Application researcher Alessandro Paluzzi reported this with a somewhat ironic undertone Posted A screenshot of the Threads application with an edit button on your page in X. In Threads, anyone can correct their posts, but only in the first five minutes from the time of publication. The social network X gives you half an hour to do this, but only paying subscribers have the button.


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