American officials believe sanctions could deprive China of its ability

American officials believe sanctions could deprive China of its ability to make advanced chips

This week’s changes to U.S. export controls aim to further restrict the supply of semiconductor manufacturing equipment to China, and industry experts expect they will ban Chinese manufacturers from producing 28nm products. The US deputy secretary of commerce is convinced that new sanctions will sooner or later undermine China’s progress in the field of lithography.

    Image source: Samsung Electronics

Image source: Samsung Electronics

These statements were made by US Undersecretary of Industry and Security Alan Estevez. did on the mountain. Fuji Dialogue, which brought together officials and other society elites in the United States and Japan. “These measures also address these issues. “These machines will fail sooner or later, which will hinder further progress (of China in building its own semiconductor industry).” – stated an American official in his comments on new US export control measures.

The deputy minister did not specify whether US authorities are ready to impose additional sanctions on Huawei and SMIC, but confirmed that Washington is concerned about China’s ability to use 7nm technology in the defense sector. As already mentioned, the new stage of tightening restrictions on the supply of equipment with American-made technologies to China from more than 40 countries does not yet include blocking Chinese companies’ access to the cloud computing services of foreign providers. Estevez noted that the US Department of Commerce still needs to work on this issue.

At the same time, the official added, US authorities are concerned about attempts by Chinese suppliers to dump semiconductor components on the global market in the segment of mass-produced products manufactured using mature technologies. According to the deputy minister, the US government has several levers at its disposal to counteract such pricing policies by Chinese suppliers. Let us recall that the EU authorities recently opened an investigation into suspiciously low prices for Chinese electric cars. European Commission officials believe that Chinese companies obtain such price advantages through secret cost subsidies from Chinese authorities.

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