American companies have already started replacing the work of specialists

American companies have already started replacing the work of specialists with the help of ChatGPT

The smart chatbot ChatGPT, originally introduced by OpenAI in November and released as a stable version in early February, has begun to relieve employees of American companies of at least some of the work. According to, which surveyed 1,000 employers using or planning to use the new technology, ChatGPT replaced employees in a range of tasks at about half of the companies.

    Image source: John Schnobrich/

Image source: John Schnobrich/

As ResumeBuilder says, employees should think about how evolving technology will affect their jobs in the future. The results of a survey of company executives showed that employers intend to streamline the execution of some tasks with ChatGPT. According to the survey results, 66% of companies use ChatGPT to write code, 58% as a copywriter replacement, 57% in customer service, and 52% to summarize meetings and prepare other documents.

When hiring, 77% of companies use ChatGPT to write job descriptions, 66% to create interview invitations, and 65% to respond to job applicants. Overall, according to ResumeBuilder, ChatGPT impressed the majority of business leaders, with 55% rating the bot’s performance as “excellent” and 34% as “very good.”

However, there are some critics of the technology who are concerned about the potential for plagiarism and/or fraud in one form or another at ChatGPT. Many mention racism, sexism and inaccuracies in the bot’s “works”, not to mention its emotional instability – this has been shown time and again through the use of ChatGPT.

Previously, the head of OpenAI, Sam Altman, warned against relying on your bot for “anything important” and expressed concern about the direction of AI technology development in a series of recent tweets. According to him, the relevant industry is still at the very beginning of its journey.

According to the ResumeBuilder survey, almost all participating companies said they had saved money by using the new technology, 48% said they saved more than $50,000, and 11% said they saved more than $100,000 to have saved. 93% announced their intention to expand usage, and 90% of executives said ChatGPT will be useful for job seekers — if it doesn’t already replace them in the workplace.


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