AMD will provide a copy of the action Star Wars

AMD will provide a copy of the action Star Wars Jedi: Survivor with Ryzen 7000 processor purchases

To boost sales of consumer Ryzen 7000 processors, AMD launched a game-with-purchase campaign. Along with one of the purchased models of the latest chips based on the Zen 4 architecture, the buyer is offered an activation code for the action game Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Jedi.

    Image source: AMD

Image source: AMD

The promotion, which lasts until April 1, includes all Ryzen 7000 series processors, including the cheapest Ryzen 5 7600 model. After purchasing a Ryzen 7000 series processor, the buyer has the opportunity to use the received Star Wars Jedi Activate: Survival Code until May 6th. Recall that the release of the game itself is scheduled for March 17 this year.

Previously, AMD also launched a campaign with the distribution of a copy of the Company of Heroes 3 WWII strategy along with the purchase of one of the Ryzen 5000 processor models. This promotion lasts until February 15th.

    Image source: VideoCardz

Image source: VideoCardz

Above are the Ryzen 7000 and Ryzen 5000 processors participating in AMD promotions. For a list of countries covered by this promotion, see here and here.

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