AMD starts selling Vertagear PL4500 AMD Edition branded gaming chairs

AMD starts selling Vertagear PL4500 AMD Edition branded gaming chairs

Several new products for the company’s fans appeared in the online store of the AMD brand, including a gaming chair Vertagear PL4500 AMD Edition worth $579. That’s slightly more expensive than the standard PL4500, which sells for $550.

    Image source: AMD

Image source: AMD

Vertagear uses a heavy-duty steel frame, plastics and synthetic leather for the PL4500. The company offers a 10-year guarantee on the steel frame of the chair. The chair is padded with coffee fiber, which increases breathability. The filler used is Ultra Premium High Resilience (UPHR) foam, which has a higher density than many analogues. The crosspiece is made of aluminum alloy, making it durable and lightweight.

The PL4500 chair supports a user weighing up to 180 kg, but according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, the user’s weight should not exceed 118 kg, and height – 200 cm.The PL4500 provides support for the lower back and neck thanks to memory -Foam pillow. The armrests can be adjusted so that the user can fix them in the most suitable position. The backrest of the chair can change the angle of inclination in the range of 80° to 140°. The locking system has four positions for adjusting the inclination of the backrest.

The PL4500 AMD Edition gaming chair is available in black and white and black and red. Unlike some other gaming chairs, the PL4500 AMD Edition lacks onboard RGB lighting. However, Vertagear does offer a separate RGB lighting kit for $200. Vertagear has reportedly released a limited number of chairs.


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