AMD Says Ryzen 7000 Will Get AVX 512 Instruction Support Promises

AMD Says Ryzen 7000 Will Get AVX-512 Instruction Support, Promises New 3D V-Cache Chips In The Future

AMD CMO Robert Hallock recently gave a series of interviews to trade media where he shared new details about the upcoming Ryzen 7000 processors and also clarified a number of details that weren’t entirely clear from the Computex 2022 presentation.

Image source: AMD

An AMD representative confirmed that Ryzen 7000 processors can offer up to 16 physical cores with support for up to 32 virtual threads. At the same time, the power consumption of some chip models reaches 170 W, and the peak more than 230 W. He also shared some other interesting details about the AM5 platform, next-generation Ryzen chips and upcoming products.

Perhaps someone in the audience at the AMD presentation noticed the unusual golden color of the two Zen 4 computer chipsets in the Ryzen 7000 processor image. Hallock explained that they get this color as a result of a process called “backside metallization” (backside metallization). What that entails is still unknown.

Hallock also confirmed that Ryzen 7000s support AVX-512 instructions. In an interview with TechPowerUp, he informedthat the company used the AVX 512 VNNI and BFLOAT16 / BF16 instructions as part of the presentation of the chips. They are actively used by TensorFlow, AMD ROCm, and even NVIDIA CUDA libraries.

“Specifically, AVX-512 VNNI is used to accelerate deep learning and AVX-512 BFLOAT16 is used for inference [работы ИИ, хотя формат bfloat16 применяется повсеместно в ИИ и не только]. Both guides are really good at speeding things up. We do not use fixed function acceleration. Maybe we’ll work in that direction with our Xilinx team. We see AI-driven workloads gaining momentum in the consumer sector. This can be seen, for example, in technologies related to image scaling, which have developed significantly over the past two years. I think there is a growing interest among enthusiasts to use AI more actively. We thought now would be the perfect time to add these features to our chips. Especially as we transition to a more advanced technology node with more power, performance and capabilities.”commented Hallock.

    Image source: AMD

An AMD spokesman also confirmed to TechPowerUp that the company will continue to work with 3D V-Cache technology. Recall that it debuted in consumer processors as part of the Ryzen 7 5800X3D for Socket AM4, a review of which can be read on our website.

“3D V-Cache technology is absolutely part of our roadmap. This is not just a one-time experiment. We firmly believe in innovative chip packaging technologies that can give AMD an advantage. These are technologies that can significantly improve productivity. But we can’t tell you anything specific about the 3D V-Cache bundled with Zen 4 yet.”explained Hallock.

In an interview Forbes/CrazyTechLab The AMD representative did not confirm, but did not deny the information that the Socket AM5 platform will be as “durable” as Socket AM4, as previously stated by the company’s head Lisa Su. On the other hand, the company has yet to share all the details about the new platform. Perhaps AMD saved this information for later.

“I don’t know yet. Honestly. We’re still in the early stages of building AM5. The release is expected in the fall, but there’s still a lot of work to do. This is one of the things we want to clarify. Ours Users want transparency on this, but we don’t have an answer yet.”Hallock added.

He said so in the same interview “The Threadripper series processors are going nowhere”. That means the company will be releasing a new generation of high-performance solutions in the future, possibly for the long-rumored Socket SP6 processor socket. However, the last two generations of AMD processors have shown that the company is more focused on developing its workstation market and not on enthusiast solutions, which Threadripper processors actually belong to. Hallock did not share any specific details about future HEDT chips. However, he added that the company will announce more details about the entire Socket AM5 platform over the summer.

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