AMD Ryzen processors on board the Tesla Model 3 reduce

AMD Ryzen processors on board the Tesla Model 3 reduce battery life

The AMD Ryzen processor-based infotainment system originally appeared on board the older Tesla Model S and Model X electric vehicles, but is now used by the lower models in the line – Model 3 and Model Y. Some buyers point out that the company has informed them of the reduced range of electric vehicles due to this change.

Image source: Tesla

Image source: Tesla

So far, the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y on-board systems have been content with Intel Atom processors, which have lower power consumption against the background of AMD Ryzen, but at the same time are inferior in speed. Modernization of onboard electronics, as the resource notes InsideEV’s, asked Tesla to inform customers in some regions of electric vehicle sales about a change in the consumer qualities of the products supplied – this is how it happened in Australia, for example.

As explained, the upgraded electric car Tesla Model 3 with an AMD Ryzen processor on board can drive 602 km according to the conditional WLTP cycle, 22 kilometers less than with the old multimedia complex. In general, depending on the type of drive, the capacity of the traction battery and the size of the wheels, the range of the Tesla Model 3 can decrease by 11 to 22 km, according to the source.

What is curious is that the Tesla Model Y survived this upgrade without loss. On the contrary, the power reserve of this crossover even increased by 26 to 34 km according to the WLTP condition cycle. This may be due to the presence of a larger battery or other optimizations related to power consumption. In this case, the advent of a more voracious AMD Ryzen processor simply hasn’t impacted the power reserve to the degree seen in the Tesla Model 3.


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