AMD Ryzen processors are registered in the Tesla Model Y Performance electric vehicles of the Chinese assembly

After restyling this spring, Tesla Model S electric cars tried on a new entertainment system based on AMD processors, which the automaker itself has compared in performance to the latest generation of Sony’s gaming console. Now AMD Ryzen processors are also seen in the expensive Chinese assembly Tesla Model Y.

Image Source: Xiaote / Electrek

Image Source: Xiaote / Electrek

It is worth recalling that Tesla has historically preferred to build its on-board entertainment system based on NVIDIA components, since it initially collaborated with it on active driver assistance systems. Then the autopilot was transferred to Tesla processors of its own design, and Intel processors were registered in the infotainment system. Earlier this year, AMD and Tesla announced a partnership on the use of Ryzen processors for embedded systems in the updated Model S entertainment system. The brand’s flagship electric multimedia system allowed passengers in the back row to play games that were quite demanding on hardware resources. However, one of the secrets of the performance of this on-board system was a discrete AMD graphics processor with the RDNA 2 architecture, so not everything was provided by the central one.

Resource Electrek now draws attention to the appearance of the Shanghai assembly of AMD Ryzen processors in the Tesla Model Y Performance electric vehicle multimedia system. Unlike the Model S of the American assembly, such an upgrade has not previously reached the Chinese cars of a more affordable price range. While it is impossible to say with certainty that Ryzen processors are also included in the entertainment system of Model Y electric vehicles of more affordable versions, but Tesla usually adheres to the principle of unification, especially in conditions of a shortage of semiconductor components.

AMD has proven with its runaway revenue growth this year that it can grow its supply of components even if it doesn’t make them. It cannot be ruled out that Tesla simply decided to upgrade the multimedia systems of electric vehicles in order to combat the shortage. It is unlikely that alternative Intel processors were in short supply, but it could be due to the accompanying components from other brands, and as a result, AMD Ryzen could be a more viable option.

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