AMD is confident that it can continue to take market

AMD is confident that it can continue to take market share away from Intel in the server market

Quarterly reports from Intel and AMD were released just days apart, prompting industry analysts to ask: How much will Intel’s failures in the server segment, reflected in the delay in starting mass shipments of Sapphire Rapids processors, contribute to AMD’s success? The latter’s management has no doubts that the company will continue to expand its position in the server segment.

    Image source: AMD

Image source: AMD

First, AMD CEO Lisa Su began her speech quarterly event just from the discussion of the prospects for the new generation of EPYC processors. According to her, the demand for 5 nm general-purpose processors is already very high, although the company will not start mass shipments until the end of this year. Lisa Su is convinced that this will further increase AMD’s sales in the server segment and strengthen the company’s market position. The next-generation processors, the Genoa family, they believe will prove to be the most productive general-purpose processors in the industry.

In the fourth quarter of this year, AMD expects steady revenue growth, and the server and embedded segments will become the main engines of this trend. Overall, Lisa Su summarized, the company can expect further gains in market share. The existing EPYC server processors of the Milan generation are now very well positioned on the market. The expansion of the Genoa processors will take place next year, and they will also be very well positioned, as AMD believes. According to management, there is every opportunity for significant business growth in the data center segment next year. In the enterprise segment, according to company management, AMD will be able to increase its market share after 2023.

AMD’s product range in the server segment is also being expanded. In addition to the Genoa processors, Bergamo processors optimized for the cloud ecosystem will be introduced early next year. “There will be many new products that will support our growth ambitions,” – summed up Lisa Su. As an aside, it reassured analysts who expressed doubts about the ability of AMD and partners to steadily increase the supply of server processors. Over the past 12 months, AMD has actively sought to increase the offering of its products through interactions with partners around the world, so the reserve created will be sufficient for confident new product expansion over the next four or five quarters.


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