AMD is accelerating AI adoption in Windows 11 by giving

AMD is accelerating AI adoption in Windows 11 by giving developers tools to work with Ryzen AI

AMD today announced it is working with Microsoft to create the building blocks developers and consumers need to take full advantage of AI now and into the future.

    Image source: AMD

Image source: AMD

AMD Ryzen 7040 mobile processors feature Ryzen AI technology to accelerate AI functions with a dedicated AI-specific XDNA hardware block-on-chip – a first of its kind for x86-based laptops. Microsoft is working in a variety of ways to bring AI into the Windows ecosystem, and Ryzen AI is designed to support these new innovations, AMD notes.

For example, AMD Ryzen AI is now supported in Windows Studio Effects. Supported effects include: Eye Contact (allows you to simulate the user looking at the webcam while looking at the screen), Auto Framing (an effect that automatically scales and frames the image as the user moves in the frame) and advanced background effects, including background blur. Each is designed to improve a different aspect of video calling, which for many has become an important part of their work and daily life.

As part of its overall strategic AI direction, AMD is offering Windows developers early access to Ryzen AI software. This allows researchers and developers to run AI algorithms on Ryzen 7040 processors with Ryzen AI using the Vitis AI Execution Provider (EP) open platform, which is translated into the ONNX Runtime, an open deep learning software library for building neural networks with Microsoft Olive Support . This package offers excellent CPU support and is designed to smoothly and incrementally accelerate the AMD XDNA AI Engine without sacrificing user experience.

AI is expected to be the driver of innovation in the Windows ecosystem for both consumers and developers for years to come. The new developer tools AMD has made available will make it easier for programmers to extend AI functionality and make AI-powered applications more accessible to the general public.


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