AMD introduced Ryzen 8040 series mobile processors with Zen 4

AMD introduced Ryzen 8040 series mobile processors with Zen 4, RDNA 3 and the updated XDNA Neural Engine

As part of the Advance AI event, AMD unexpectedly introduced a new series of Ryzen 8040 mobile processors, codenamed Hawk Point. Traditionally, mobile processors are announced at the beginning of the year as part of the international electronics trade fair CES. Apparently, this time AMD decided not to wait another month and talk in advance about which chips will be used in the laptops released in 2024.

    Image source: AMD

Image source: AMD

The Ryzen 8040 series includes nine processor models – five high-performance 8040HS models and four energy-efficient 8040U models. All new products use Zen 4 cores and are equipped with RDNA 3 graphics cores. The only feature of the Ryzen 8040 series processors is the updated Ryzen AI hardware unit – also known as Neural Processor (XDNA NPU) for accelerating the execution of AI algorithms, developed by Xilinx.

The flagship model of the Hawk Point processor series is the Ryzen 9 8945HS. The chip offers 8 cores with support for 16 virtual threads and operates at up to 5.2 GHz. The power consumption of the processor is dynamic and varies between 35 and 54 W. The chip contains integrated Radeon 780M graphics based on the RDNA 3 architecture with 12 execution units. The Ryzen 7 8845HS model has almost the same characteristics, but its maximum clock speed is 100 MHz lower.

It is noteworthy that the Hawk Point processor line is divided into two sub-series – xx45HS and xx40HS. The main difference between the two is that the latter offers a lower TDP range, which is between 20 and 30W. For example, the same Ryzen 7 8840HS has the same clock speeds as the 8845HS model, but with a lower TDP. The difference between the processors probably also lies in the basic frequencies of the Zen 4 and RDNA 3 cores. Unfortunately, official AMD materials do not provide this information.

The series also includes the Ryzen 5 8645HS and Ryzen 5 8640HS models with six cores and 12 threads and frequencies of 5.0 and 4.9 GHz, respectively. These chips are equipped with integrated Radeon 760M graphics cores and also differ in TDP. The power consumption of the xx45HS models is 35-54W and the xx40HS models is 20-30W.

The Ryzen 8040U series includes models with a dynamic TDP of 15 to 30 W, a core count of four to eight, and a frequency of up to 5.1 GHz. It is noteworthy that the Ryzen 5 8540U and Ryzen 3 8440U models are not equipped with the XDNA Neural Engine, as they are based on updated Phoenix2 crystals, which also do not have such support.

According to AMD, the updated XDNA NPU Neural Engine in Ryzen 8040 processors is up to 40% more efficient in AI tasks than that used in Ryzen 7040 series processors. In practice, their performance has ranged from 10 TOPS (trillion operations per second) to 16 TOPS in visual models and Llama2.

The company also compared the typical performance of the Ryzen 8040 processors. AMD says its new products deliver up to 1.1x faster multi-threaded performance, up to 1.8x faster gaming performance and 1.4x faster digital content creation performance. Higher than that of a competitor. AMD based its conclusions on the comparison with the mobile Intel Core i9-13900H.

The Ryzen 8040 processors are expected to be released in the first half of 2024. AMD did not give a more precise date. It is noted that the chips are already being delivered to the company’s OEM partners.

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