AMD has sharply reduced its share of the PC processor

AMD has sharply reduced its share of the PC processor market, but increased it in the server segment

In the battle with Intel Xeon, AMD Epyc chips have grabbed a competitor for the 14th quarter in a row, but in the segment of processors for desktops and laptops, the representatives of the “red” camp are much less lucky: the company had a better time in the third quarter taken all the achievements of past years, writes computer base.

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The market for notebook chips recorded the largest loss. At the end of the third quarter, AMD’s share was 15.7% – down 9.1 percentage points. compared to the II quarter and a year earlier it was 22%. The company’s current stock was last seen in late 2019, but that’s clearly not the case if a return to pre-pandemic levels is worth celebrating. Equally unfortunate was the decline in the desktop chip market, down 6.6 percentage points. on a quarterly basis, and the company’s share fell to 13.9% from 17% last year. And that’s the worst value for AMD since 2018.

AMD continues to show positive momentum in the server segment, with the company’s stock up 3.6 percentage points over the quarter. and reached 17.5%, a year earlier it was only 10.2%. The performance superiority continues to pay off: Even if the recently introduced Genoa processor family hadn’t appeared by the end of the quarter, the company would have further increased the stake with Milan, as Sapphire Rapids is definitely not appearing this year.

In average selling price (ASP), AMD gained 8pp over the year while Intel lost 12pp. Finally, the Reds should once again thank the console chip segment: PlayStation and Xbox are flying into the millions and sales compared to before continue to grow throughout the year. As a result, AMD sells more console chips than laptop, desktop, and server processors combined.


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