AMD has introduced the Radeon RX 6400 graphics card which

AMD has introduced the Radeon RX 6400 graphics card, which will not be available in stores

Today, at CES 2022, AMD unveiled a number of new products. In addition to the affordable Radeon RX 6500 XT gaming graphics card, which has a recommended retail price of only 199 US dollars, the Reds have released the Radeon RX 6400, an even cheaper and less powerful graphics accelerator that will not be commercially available.

Image source: AMD

Image source: AMD

The Radeon RX 6400 graphics card is shipped to computer OEMs only, meaning it can only be purchased as part of a pre-built system. Unlike the Radeon RX 6500 XT, which received 16 arithmetic units with architecture RDNA 2, the Radeon RX 6400 will only have 12 of the same units. Note that the integrated graphics of the older Ryzen 6000 mobile processors contain the same number of RDNA 2 graphics cores.

It turns out that the Radeon RX 6400 offers 768 stream processors and the maximum reference GPU clock is 2039 MHz. A useful feature of the novelty for many is that it only requires 53 watts of power. The Radeon RX 6400 is equipped with 4GB memory with a bandwidth of 16Gb / s.

As mentioned above, the graphics card cannot be bought in retail stores, at least officially it is not sold that way. This can be for the best, however, as graphics accelerators are now selling at a price many times higher than the recommended one. But a computer with a Radeon RX 6400 at a relatively affordable price can be a way out for a humble gamer in these troubled times.

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