AMD has buried the Link mobile app

AMD has buried the Link mobile app

AMD has decided to close the AMD Link mobile application, which allows owners of computers with Radeon graphics cards to monitor the parameters of the graphics subsystem and broadcast gameplay from a PC to mobile devices. The application will be retired this quarter with the release of the AMD Software: Adrenaline Edition driver package.

    Image source: AMD

Image source: AMD

“For users playing remotely via AMD Link, an important announcement is that AMD will no longer support the AMD Link app in a future release of AMD Software: Adrenaline Edition. We introduced AMD Link at a time when there were few alternative remote gaming solutions for Radeon graphics card users. Users now have numerous options for streaming content from PC to other devices. For this reason, we are deprecating AMD Link and focusing our resources on developing other features and functionality that will benefit users. We will continue to support developers with our SDKs such as the AMD Advanced Media Framework, which will enable them to integrate streaming capabilities into their solutions.”says AMD.

The AMD Link app is being discontinued a year after NVIDIA stopped supporting its GameStream service, which allowed users to stream content locally without having to use external services. In contrast to NVIDIA, AMD does not yet offer any alternatives. The most obvious alternative is Steam Link, but this app is limited to supporting games from Steam.


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