AMD FSR 20 is coming to Xbox consoles testing

AMD FSR 2.0 is coming to Xbox consoles – testing has already started

As the team tweeted GPUOpen and top manager of the Microsoft Xbox division JasonRonald (Jason Ronald), AMD Fidelity FX Super Resolution 2 (FSR 2.0) scaling technology, now exclusive to PC, will debut on consoles soon. We’re talking about the Xbox Series X and S, as well as the previous generation console Xbox One. Testing of the solution on the new platform has already started.

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Resolution scaling technologies are especially relevant for consoles due to their long life cycle – the graphics subsystem must remain relevant for several years. In almost all games for Xbox and PlayStation, developers implement their own technologies that allow you to scale the image resolution or increase the frame rate. It’s too early to tell how effective FSR 2.0 will be, but it’s unlikely to perform worse than game developers’ own algorithms.

resource Tom’s hardware indicated that the integration of FSR 2.0 support by developers could become a major obstacle to the spread of the technology – it involves working with additional data: depth and color buffers, as well as motion vectors. Adding this information can take longer than developing the FSR 2.0 implementation itself. The only exception would be games that originally had their own scaling technologies that require similar initial information – in this case, all that’s left to do is convert the code from FSR 2.0 itself into the insert engine.

What is most surprising about this initiative is the decision to add AMD scaling to the previous generation console, the Xbox One. The system requirements of FSR 2.0 for PC graphics cards are quite high, and based on these data, there are some doubts that the “old man’s” graphics can cope with this solution. But the new Xbox Series X and S are very likely to benefit from FSR 2.0 as they are based on the same RDNA 2 architecture as the AMD RX 6000 graphics cards.


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