AMD chief most video cards go to gamers and mining

AMD chief: most video cards go to gamers, and mining impact is negligible

During her speech at the 25th Credit Suisse Technology Conference, AMD CEO Lisa Su talked a lot about business matters, including market strategy and CAGR. But no less interesting are her comments on the supply and shortage of GPUs, which worried a significant part of the audience.

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Ms. Su is confident that the company cannot do anything about the GPU shortage, although it has recently managed to secure an increase in shipments from a key contractor, Taiwan’s TSMC. “I know that a lot of gamers still need new graphics cards, especially as they have more time to spare. Over the last couple of quarters, we have increased our capacity. I think we are quite competitive. And I think we’re even more excited about RDNA 3 or our next generation roadmap. “– said the head of AMD.

She praised the growth of the gaming industry as the company managed to get the most out of different segments: laptops, desktops and game consoles. AMD graphics are used in the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S, which are also in short supply. At the same time, Ms. Su believes that the graphics deficit is caused not only by cryptocurrency miners – their influence on the market situation is minimal: “I think this is a completely different market from what it was with crypto a few years ago. Of course, we do not consider this to be a significant factor for our graphics business. We try really hard to get our graphics cards to actually ship to gamers, retail channels and where they are strategically important. Others are being worked out separately “

Unlike NVIDIA, AMD makes money not only on graphics, but also on central processors, but does not break the corresponding financial indicators. In the third quarter, the company reported revenues of $ 2.4 billion from the client and graphics segment, which corresponds to 44% annual growth and 7% quarterly growth. Average selling price per chart increased “Through sales of advanced Radeon graphics products and AMD Instinct data center accelerators”… In other words, AMD demonstrates impressive financial performance, which is also provided by graphics processors, regardless of their availability in retail. And according to the company, most of the video cards go to gamers, not miners.


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