AMD captured 313 of the x86 compatible processor market last quarter

AMD captured 31.3% of the x86-compatible processor market last quarter

Mercury Research usually stocks a wide selection of all x86-compatible CPUs, but recently they’ve also taken into account the sales dynamics of ARM-based processors, which are gaining popularity in the PC segment through efforts by Apple and Qualcomm. Directly, AMD was able to consolidate its position to 31.3% of the market, and ARM-compatible solutions in the PC segment could take around 13.3%.

    Image source: Arm

Image source: Arm

And this isn’t the quarter’s strongest result, as explained Reuters with reference to data from Mercury Research. In the third quarter of last year, ARM processors accounted for 14.6% of the PC segment, but by the fourth quarter their share had fallen to 13.3%. That’s still higher than the 10.3% market share they had in the fourth quarter of 2021. Data from Counterpoint Research reported yesterday mentions ARM-compatible processors with a share of 11% in 2021 and a share of 13% in 2022. As can be seen, the statistics from these two sources differ minimally.

Coming back to the alignment of forces in the x86-compatible processor market, Mercury Research data points to the continued expansion of AMD solutions, which have increased their share from 28.5% to 31.3% over the year % if we look at the results of the fourth quarter. Intel settled for a 68.7% market share of x86-compatible processors last quarter, although this figure still allows it to dominate the segment. According to representatives of Mercury Research, a common problem for market participants remains the sharpest decline in PC sales in observation history.

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