AMD begins shipping updated Ryzen 5000 B2 stepping processors

In May, AMD promised to update its Ryzen 5000 desktop processors within six months, launching B2 stepping dies. According to network informants @momomo_us and @ planet3dnow, new processors, apparently, have already started shipping to the market. Information about their support has appeared on the websites of motherboard manufacturers MSI, ASUS and ASRock.

Image source: AMD

Image source: AMD

The upgraded chips will not offer increased levels of performance or functionality. To use them, you do not need to update the BIOS of the motherboards. It can be assumed that overclocking or some other indicators will improve due to the transition to a new revision. But no significant changes are expected.

The main task of the transition to the new version is that in this way AMD wants to increase the production and availability of processors for sale. In other words, the manufacturer will be able to produce more Zen 3 processors on the B2 stepping than on the current B0 stepping.

If a simple revision change will allow AMD to release more chips, this will have a positive effect on their prices, which will most likely continue to decline towards the recommended ones.


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