AMD and Analog Devices settle long term patent dispute and work

AMD and Analog Devices settle long-term patent dispute and work together

US chipmakers Advanced Micro Devices Inc (AMD) and Analog Devices Inc (ADI) have decided to drop a lawsuit alleging potential semiconductor patent infringement. The corresponding joint press release was published yesterday evening.

    Image source: AMD

Image source: AMD

According to the companies, they have reached agreements “mutually agreed terms” and “We are committed to technology collaboration to deliver next-generation solutions to our customers in the communications and data center markets”. Details of the agreement were not disclosed, and representatives of both companies have so far refrained from commenting.

The problem arose back in 2019 when Massachusetts-based ADI filed a lawsuit against Xilinx Inc, now part of AMD. ADI claimed that the technologies used in Xilinx’s wireless chips infringe some patents related to converting analog data to digital data.

ADI claimed that when the companies collaborated to develop another Xilinx technology, Xilinx copied its innovations. As of 2020, Xilinx denied allegations of patent infringement and was acquired by AMD for around $50 million in February this year, with the latter also receiving a lawsuit at the same time.

Court hearings were previously scheduled for March, but last year the court stayed the lawsuit pending a series of formal actions related to the relevant technologies at the US Patent Office. The case was dropped on Monday after the parties reached an agreement.

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