Amazon is developing its own analogue of the ChatGPT AI

Amazon is developing its own analogue of the ChatGPT AI bot

Amazon CEO Andy Jassy answered questions from the Financial Times this week. Among other things, he spoke about his attitude towards generative algorithms based on neural networks and also stated that his company had been working in this direction for a long time.

    Image Source: Bryan Angelo /

Image Source: Bryan Angelo /

“I find it exciting what you can do with generative algorithms. This is part of what you are already seeing in models like ChatGPT. But most big tech companies like ours have been developing very large generative AI models for a long time.”said Andy Jesse.

Amazon is already using AI and machine learning in some of its products, like voice assistant Alexa and coding assistant CodeWhisperer. However, some investors express concerns that the company is lagging behind in the area of ​​generative algorithms used to create text, images, videos, or other content.

“Microsoft is clearly in the lead and has attracted a lot of attention here”Matt McIlwain, chief executive of Madrona Venture Group, one of Amazon’s lead investors, said. He also noted that Amazon needs to consider the trend towards developing intelligent and generative applications.

In an interview with Andy Jesse, it was said that Amazon is considering working with small companies to develop a line of business related to generative algorithms. Amazon’s most likely partner in this space could be Stability AI, a competitor to Open AI, which developed ChatGPT and is supported by Microsoft. This is underscored by Stability AI’s recent announcement that Amazon’s cloud infrastructure is the platform of choice for training and developing custom AI models.

Amazon’s generative algorithm projects include Alexa, a voice assistant launched in 2014. Not long ago, David Limp (David Limp), vice president of devices and services at Amazon, said that the company continues to work on improving Alexa. He also noted that while ChatGPT is a competitor to Alexa, it lacks the personality, memory, and current affairs knowledge that Alexa possesses.

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