Amazon has banned the creation of new characters on overcrowded New World servers

The new MMO New World from Amazon Game Studios showed a successful start – on the debut day there were over 400 thousand users in the game at the same time, and yesterday, October 2, the figure exceeded 850 thousand. Due to such an influx of players, developers had to close the ability to create new characters on crowded servers. Previously created characters will be available on high load servers.

Source: Amazon

Source: Amazon

Amazon plans to expand capacity and increase the number of servers. The company wants “Stabilize” waiting time in the queue. Just about the excessively long entry into the game, gamers complain, who left a lot of negative reviews in Steam… Now the New World rating has dropped to 59%.

Source: SteamDB

Source: SteamDB

So far, the developers are asking to check the status of the required server on a special page and choose the worlds with the least load. According to the authors, about 40% of servers have almost no queues. The studio is also working on the possibility of transferring characters from one server to another.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos named New World a successful project. He noted that the gaming division of the company, despite a number of setbacks and transfers, was able to achieve the goal.

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