1691571154 Amazon believes it is among Arms anchor investors

Amazon believes it is among Arm’s anchor investors

As it became known yesterday, the IPO of shares of the British processor architecture developer Arm on the American stock exchange Nasdaq is planned for the second half of September. Apple, Samsung, Intel and NVIDIA are ready to act as “anchor investors,” according to knowledgeable sources, but internet giant Amazon could also join them.

    Image source: Amazon

Image source: Amazon

The e-commerce platform, which is owned by one of the richest men in the world, is obviously interested in this deal from its AWS cloud business, which uses its own Arm architecture-based Graviton processors. Accordingly BloombergAmazon is currently in talks with SoftBank, which controls Arm’s assets, about the possibility of becoming a key investor in the upcoming IPO.

Information about Amazon’s interest in a similar result through independent channels was also confirmed by the agency Reuters, but representatives of all companies mentioned in the news declined to comment officially. Overall, SoftBank and Arm are in talks with about 10 tech companies, which are considered “anchor investors” for Arm’s listing in the U.S. market, the sources said. According to the negotiators, the investors will not receive a seat on their representative’s board of directors, nor the right to influence decision-making in Arm’s management. SoftBank is expected to sell only a small portion of Arm’s shares to the stock market and to strategic investors as a whole, effectively retaining a significant impact on the company’s development strategy.

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