Amazon bans the sale of Flipper Zero hacker multitools

Amazon bans the sale of Flipper Zero hacker multitools

Amazon has banned the sale of Pinball Zero devices on its platform as they are said to be used to steal bank card details. Pinball Zero sellers have already received a notification, links to the product have simply been blocked, and the gadget itself has been moved to the device category. “restricted”.

    Image source: Bleeping Computer

Image source: Bleeping Computer

“This product has been identified as a card skimming device. Amazon policy prohibits selling or adding card skimming devices., according to the message received by one of the sellers of Pinball Zero on Amazon. It is common to refer to skimming as the theft of bank card details with the aim of subsequently stealing funds from an account linked to a card.

As a reminder, Flipper Zero is a compact programmable tool for testing various digital and hardware devices. In fact, it is a portable multi-tool for hackers, the design of which has a 433/868 MHz radio module for interacting with elements of the Internet of Things, an infrared port for household appliances, a radio signal analyzer for working with unknown protocols, a USB type -C interface for emulating peripheral devices, Bluetooth and RFID modules and other interfaces.

The developer of this gadget is the head of the Neuron hackspace community for techies Pavel Zhovner. Pinball Zero is also called Tamagotchi for hackers because it is inside the gadget “Life” virtual dolphin who needs “feed” external radio signals. Since its inception, Flipper Zero has been used by enthusiasts to force open automatic garage doors, disable car alarms, activate smart doorbells, clone various digital keys, and more.


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